Dik, Kees J.|Gunsser, Ilona

Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology of the Horse

Diseases of the front and hind limbs

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This radiographic atlas familiarizes the equine practitioner with all common and uncommon features of the various bone and joint diseases of the equine limbs.

Illustrated with high quality radiographs the clinical significance is defined and additional information is noted if necessary. Schematic drawings are added if adequate to facilitate the observation of small obscure details and to summarize “characteristic” lesions. For this 2nd revised edition many new illustrations are included which cover all parts of the equine limb with emphasis on the various lesions of the foot, fetlock abnormalities, carpal disorders as well as common and uncommon hock and stifle lesions. Text contains specific case discussions and offers clear description of the radiographic diagnosis or differential diagnosis.

The authors

Kees Jan Dik, DVM, Phd is Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. He is full professor of diagnostic imaging at the at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht, The Netherland and the University of Gent, Belgium, as well as consulting equine radiologist at the Veterinary Center Someren, The Netherlands. He is spezialized in diagnostic imaging (radiography, Ultrasonography and CT) and his research activities are mainly focussed on comparative interactive clinical diagnostic imaging in horse.

Ilona Gunsser, DVM, veterinarian in Munich, Germany, is specialized in radiology and surgery.

ISBN: 978-3-87706-651-5

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